Player Of The Week...

MPBA, hosted its second annual Super 64 this year... Its safe to say the tournament has been an exciting one with many close games. We have seen teams come from no where and try to make names for themselves in the Super 64 MPBA would like to thank everyone whom has been involved in this tournament. We also thank the teams whom were active in pursuing their matches, playing their games, and bringing their all each and every game within the format. MPBA Will be showcasing a Player Of The Week, each and every week throughout this season. This will be based on player performance. This means we will feature this player in exposure on our Social media platforms, and our website. As this week c

Sweet 16 Recap...

Now that we are down to 16 teams left in the MPBA Super 64 2K Pro Am Tournament, there were a few anticipated games that went down and upsets as well. One of them was Nellie Ball vs MBG Gang. Going into the Sweet 16 of the tournament, many people thought it would be a easy game for Nellie Ball because they are one of the best teams competing in the tournament and MBG Gang was very questionable because they were under their team was under the radar. Like everyone says, “rankings is just a name on a list” and things turned around quickly for Nellie Ball. In the first quarter, MBG Gang surprised everyone by the way they were competing and weren’t afraid to back down against Nellie Ball. Althoug

Super 64 Round 1&2 Recap

Now that the MPBA Super 64 kicked off on Friday, many teams have been battling their way to win a championship and earn $600 along with bragging rights. There were a few major upsets in the first round and one of them was “Undoubted” vs “Flight Brothersz”. Undoubted came in the game and started off pretty well with a 9-2 lead early in the first quarter Undoubted Guard, “Dee King” came out scoring 10 points, shooting 80% from the field. Flight Brothersz decided to run a “5 - Out “ to cut the lead to 5 points at the end of the first quarter. In the Second quarter, Undoubted guard, “Leverages” came out strong scoring 8 points Therefore, “EE SPYKE III”, “EE BRUCE LEROY”, and “TXCHAMP09” came out

Super 64 Begins...

With the NBA 2K17 Road To All Star Weekend championship game between Still Trill and Throwdown eSports game being held on Friday, February 17, 2017, that doesn’t stop the MPBA Super 64 from launching its 2nd annual 2K Pro Am Tournament which will be live on Friday, February 17, 2017 at 8:30pm EST. This tournament will feature some of the top tier teams such as Effortless Talent, NTOF, God Life ,Vibrancy Gaming, and NBA 2K16 Road To The Finals runner up, GFG. Each team will compete and earn a chance to win $600 dollars and bragging rights. One of the most exciting teams to watch during this tournament are PVO Skaikru and The World eSports. The World eSports recently qualified in the 4th round

eSports agency.... Opinion on MPBA2k

What's up MBPA? Thanks for accepting me to the group. Definitely love the site and league and what you guys are doing. My name is Sam, owner and founder of TrainedToGo eSports Agency. We represent the finest in sports gaming and help take you guys to the next level of your eSports careers. With the recent announcement of the 2K eLeague, I just wanted to introduce myself to you guys and offer my advice/help to anybody. If you have any questions on how to market yourself, etc. Feel free to ask. You'll see me quite active in here. I'm definitely keeping a close eye on the community in the coming months for the best talent. I want to stress that "best talent" does NOT just mean you putting up 50

NBA 2K Road To All Star Weekend Semi-Final Discussion

Now that we are down to the console Semi-Finals in the Road to All Star weekend tournament, Teams have been preparing to do whatever they can do to earn their trip down to New Orleans and compete to win $250,000 grand prize. The Semi Final will take action on Saturday, February 11, 2017 starting at 3pm EST on Playstation 4. The Xbox One Semi-Final will start at 3:40pm EST. There have been prediction polls between all 8 teams that will be matched up and one the underdog teams for tomorrow will be (6) “Pro Era” out of the PS4 side. Tomorrow, they will face off against (2) “Top Notch", a powerhouse Pro Am crew that has been battling throughout the qualifying round and Dominating throughout the

Sunday Conversation...

The NBA 2k17 All Star Tournament kicked off this weekend.Pro-Am teams competing for a big prize of 250 thousand dollars and a trip to this years NBA 2017 All Star Game. There were teams that went home. We seen a few teams that no one expected to see leave the tournament. There was a couple teams that made their way out of this weekend, and will move on to the semi-finals for the consoles. This weekend we seen many more close games than we all anticipated. There were dominant performance's from relentless scorer's in the first couple rounds. There was a lot of exciting things that happened during this weekends first 2 rounds... From rumoring of players being booted offline and also the 2

Road To The All Star Game...

The qualifications for the Road to the All Star game have come to an end... Thousands of teams competing for that ultimate prize, 250 thousand dollars. The competition throughout the qualifications was fierce and teams were relentless to try and qualify for the tournament. This year, we saw many diversified amount of teams in Pro-Am. With the park being dull this year, we got to see many of the experienced park players jump their way into the Pro-Am scene... We also seen many of the popular 2k twitch and youtubers attempt their way in this years Pro-Am mode. With all the new players entering the Pro-Am scene this year. The community still showed a lot of interest from the veterans to th

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