God Saves The Queen gets the unexpected win against Breakout for the Championship title!

Two minutes into the game ZoomRock gets his first foul, Breakouts shoots two free throws and makes both. Shump gets a dunk for the two point lead. Breakout is up 4 -2. Clutchboy cashes a 3 to put GSTQ up by 1 point, score is 5-4. djAlabama is using screens to find the open shot and pops a 3. Score is 8 to 6 with 1:21 left in the 3rd. Prodigy finishes strong with the easy flush, Shump continues to attack the rim and ties the game at 10-10 with his dunk. Dimez walks into his shot while the paint is open and knocks down the 2. Shotz gets the board and dunks over Prodigy to end the 1st with a bang. GSTQ holds the lead at the start of the 2nd (18-14) but the way boths teams are playing defense, y

Lethal shuts the door on Alwayz Open, 72-63 to capture PS4 Crown!

Lethal struggled to score against Alwayz Open in the First. Dyme was scoring effortlessly down low and even took his man out to the free throw like for some mid-range shots. Versatility got a steal and passed to Awkward for the three, count it! Lethal called a much needed time out to slow down Alwayz Open's momentum. Hotshot knocked down a 3 at the start of the 3rd to get the ball rolling for Lethal. Alwayz Open started to trade 3's with Lethal which brought the score to a tie, 21-21 with 4 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. Mo was having a tough half with 2 Lockdown defenders and a Paint Protector on the opposing team to get him out of his comfort zone. Awkward was player of the half shooting

About Business falls to Breakout in semis finals, 67-57

This match-up was was supposed to be played Sunday but due to scheduling complications it was delayed. There was plenty of chatter over twitter to add fuel to the fire, with 10 top players on the court this semi final didn't disappoint. Right after tip-off Dat Man Shotz hit a transition 3 to put Breakout on the board. Within the minute Shotz is left unguarded on the break and gets an easy dunk. About Business attacked the paint and kept the score close. Dimez showed why he is the #1 PG by getting his team mates open and making the extra pass for high percentage shots. At the start of the 2nd Quarter About Business starts to capitalize off of the mistakes from Breakout and takes control of th

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