Hood makes a statement and captures XB1 JumpOFF crown!

Good Life v Breakout MPBA Xbox JumpOff Finals Good Life v Breakout marked the end of a successful “ JumpOff “ tournament for the MPBA. This game was for the Xbox Championship, and unlike PS4, it was double-elimination. To win the tournament, Breakout would have had to win two games, as they had come from the losers bracket, while Good Life only needed to win one. The odds were against Breakout, so it was high-stakes for them from the start. Good Life had a fast start, stealing and blocking Dimez on defense, while shooting ⅘ on offense in the first two minutes. One of the key matchups in this game, Mo and Dimez at the point guard position, had already begun. Within the first minute, Mo had go

Breakout defeats Throwdown for PS4 JumpOFF Championship!

Throwdown vs Breakout MPBA PS4 JumpOff Finals Throwdown v Breakout was an exciting series from start to finish. The anticipation was crazy, with seemingly everybody from the pro-am community, including some of the 2k League managers and Scott O’Gallagher, tweeting about their excitement for the game. Having watched a periscope by Mootyy earlier in the day, he was already visibly excited despite the series being hours away. There had been plenty of trash talk between both teams, with DevGoss posting a video of himself throwing a dime off a balcony, among other things. This series was the Finals of the MPBA “ JumpOff “ Tournament, which was the first of NBA 2k18 held by the MPBA. This may have

MPBA announces the 2nd Class Inducted

The MPBA was pleased to announce the second class to be inducted in The Hall Of Fame. Breakout's star Point Guard, xl DIMEZ lx, leads a stellar class! Here are the inductees: oFAB, oMajes7ic, Marlon516, Kontrul, MainHype, Space Jam JT, Hotshot x 305, LetsGet It Ramo, ByAnyMeansMo, o Curry 30 and CheF RapiiDz. Congrats to all these players!

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