THE MPBA IS BACK! The OG KING CLASSIC will feature 32 Teams with 2KL Players, Prospects and More....

After almost two years in the waiting, The MPBA is back. The XB1 Division is hosting a 32 Team Tournament that will feature some of the best players in Pro Am. The Tournament will begin on January 27th. Here are the teams and some players to watch: Teams Participating BeforeThe Fame The2kProphency Elevate FMBxGFG Easy Money Godspeed Trilogy Major Bump G Squad Get Lurked Something New Strait Ice Under The Radar Skru Boys Untamed ZUCRU High Octane On Sight Island Gang Leaguebound La Resistance No Escape Apply Pressure BeastMentality Old School We Compete Always Strapped KMT Retribution Strictly Buckets Space Jam OffGrid Prospects To Watch: DuSchene24, lHomi, Hit

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