Ryan Barnett

Main/play-by-play commentator


“The Face”

Albany, NY


Twitter - @xBFaCe


Full Time Finance Professional  - Part Time Broadcaster/Writer. 2K community member since ’12. Rookie broadcaster with a huge passion for sports, esports and especially NBA2K. Proud to be a part of the top league and tourney provider, MPBA. 2x Tourney Qualifier with Vibrancy Gaming – Never missed a shot in a tourney game. Part of Vibrancy Gaming a frequent participant in MPBA and 2KT events on both X1 and PS4.

Ricco Phinisee

Asst/play-by-play commentator




Glendale, California 


Twitter: @NoLimitRicco


I've been apart of the league since the 2k15 Jordan Rec Center era so it's amazing to see how popular it is now. I'm a huge tech geek especially when it comes to gaming and creative visuals. Outside of gaming I'm a Film/TV and voice over actor so being apart of the MPBA broadcasting team is a honor. 

Caleb Baker

Analyst/ color commentator

Graphic Artist

Bud Designs



Oklahoma City, OK

Twitter: @ShilowBugs


I've been playing NBA 2K since the first one came out and have been hooked ever since. I've been doing graphic design for about 6 years ever since I used to play Call of Duty. I have been in over 30 Design Teams over the years and have gained over 1000 subscribers on my time on YouTube. Now I'm here to show what I can do in the 2K community and to be the best at what I do.

Thomas Lynch

Asst/play-by-play commentator


Dublin, Ireland


Twitter: @thomas_lynch412

Contact :

16 Year Old Gaming enthusiast. I have been playing 2k for many years as well as actual basketball, although I have only been interested in pro-am for the last year or so. When this interest began, my biggest dream was to be involved in the pro-am community, competing in the various competitions against the best 2k players in the world, although it was not possible due to connectivity and time difference issues. However, I have still been able to achieve it through twitter and the MPBA, where I now post game updates and upload videos recapping pro-am tournaments on YouTube. For this reason, I am extremely grateful to Curt and the rest of the MPBA for this opportunity.

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