The Birth of the MPBA

January 20, 2017



The MPBA was created by Toijuin Fairley & Feroz Khan during  2k15. Fairley had played in the SBA and was the D league commissioner of that league as  well. He wanted to branch out and blaze his own trail. When it was presented Feroz Khan helped sparked
the name of the league. Fairley, Street Sweepaz and Lawrence West became the driving force behind the leagues success and growth. Then stats was added OG KING CURT, who was the D league commissioner of the ABL and rising admin in league play. The ABL provided
stats and that's when Fairley, Streets, Lawrence West and Curt merged as one, it made the MPBA official. Now the league had some of the top talent and numbers to prove it. The MPBA had season 1 and 2 with 2k15 and season 3-6 with 2k16 that included 3 MPBA
Invitational tournaments, Super 64 tournament with a $600 cash prize, The MPBA Summer League, and the MPBA Stats Challenge. It's safe to say the MPBA has become one of the top Pro-Am Leagues in 2k. Season 7 and beyond will begin with 2k17 soon. Thank you for
playing MPBA!

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