Road To The All Star Game...

The qualifications for the Road to the All Star game have come to an end... Thousands of teams competing for that ultimate prize, 250 thousand dollars. The competition throughout the qualifications was fierce and teams were relentless to try and qualify for the tournament.

This year, we saw many diversified amount of teams in Pro-Am. With the park being dull this year, we got to see many of the experienced park players jump their way into the Pro-Am scene... We also seen many of the popular 2k twitch and youtubers attempt their way in this years Pro-Am mode. With all the new players entering the Pro-Am scene this year. The community still showed a lot of interest from the veterans to the new players.

We seen many of the 'veteran' teams come back into the scene this year. As they showed us why their 'Veteran's of the game, with many of them jumping right onto the leaderboards.

Just to mention one of the "veteran' teams that was starting out strong in the early release of NBA 2k17 was team Throwdown. Throwdown climbed to the #1 spot on the X-Box leaderboard and stayed as the #1 spot for a period of time. As TD Kept their #1 spot on the leaderboards for a short while, many of the other top teams were just as hungry for that #1 spot.

Space Jam, a team lead by 'JT' has also been showing the community why they are and have been a top team in NBA 2k. Space Jam has also being one of the top teams on the leader board leading up to the RTTA Qualifiers. This is a team that was expected to qualify for the tournament. Space Jam went through the qualifiers and will be participating in this years RTTA.

Another team that caught the attention of many in the Pro-Am Mode was Island Gang. Island gang a team that started off hott. This team made it to the top on the leader boards. They had their ups and downs throughout leading up to the qualifiers. Island Gang Dropped a couple players and picked up a couple key players that would change their line-up and their outlook on the Pro-Am mode. With Island Gang gaining their new talent, they had their line-up set in stone for the RTTA. Island Gang went on to qualify the first week and now they are saying #writethecheck.

IGOD caught the attention of many, but they were not the only team in the spot light.

Effortless Talent grabbed the attention of many with their stylish play, and relentless attitudes. These guys have experience playing with one another and play at a high level. With their pg "Kontrul' creating havoc and attention on the floor. Having the knockdown shooter like Stashs making those shots from the hash's, and Mainhype grabbing boards., this team cant go wrong. Effortless Talent has the chemistry, and has proven why they are a top team, as they are a RTTA qualifier.

As these teams mentioned caught the eyes of many in the Pro-Am mode, they were not the only ones showing fierce competitiveness in the scene.

The Road to the All Star Game Qualifiers brought much activity to the Pro-Am scene. with a 250 thousand dollar prize.

Still Trill, Slight Work, LateNite Crew, The World, Road To Legends, UnderRated, Vibrancy Gaming, 2 Live Crew, One Way, Stage Gods, Island Gang, Space Jam, 4Lyfe, Baylor Bears, Effortless Talent, and Redemption have all qualified for the X-Box 1.

The RTTA Tournament is wrapping up, and we have the brought the brackets out for you to predict! Take a second to fill out your predictions to the RTTA Tournament.

As the RTTA Starts wrapping up, the MPBA will be here as your source for leagues and tournaments for the community from the community.

One event that we have coming up is the "Super 64". If you have not had time to sign-up, you better do so before they run out. We are only accepting 64 teams in the tournament. The spots are filling fast!

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