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The NBA 2k17 All Star Tournament kicked off this weekend.Pro-Am teams competing for a big prize of 250 thousand dollars and a trip to this years NBA 2017 All Star Game. There were teams that went home. We seen a few teams that no one expected to see leave the tournament. There was a couple teams that made their way out of this weekend, and will move on to the semi-finals for the consoles.

This weekend we seen many more close games than we all anticipated. There were dominant performance's from relentless scorer's in the first couple rounds. There was a lot of exciting things that happened during this weekends first 2 rounds... From rumoring of players being booted offline and also the 2k servers not working correctly. With all of this... We surely had ourselves a drama fulfilled day.

In the first round, we seen Still Trill's point guard get booted offline. Still Strill was able to overcome their 4v5 to win, with KennyGotWork scoring 38 points. LateNiteCrew fell short to Space Jam, Space Jam moving on to the 2nd round. Stage Gods taking out One Way, which was a thriller to the end, Nadexe getting a clutch block that would end up winning them the game.

Effortless Talent went up against Vibrancy Gaming in the 1st round. Vibrancy Gaming wasn't able to over come the relentless talent from "ET". Final score, Effortless Talent 62 - 59 Vibrancy Gaming. Road to Legedens (Awesome Gang) went up against 2 Live Crew in their first round match-up. Road to Legends were able to win the game 63-53. We seen 4Lyfe take on MJ and LUIE's Redemption. Redemption fighting their way to victory with the score of Redemption 76-71 4LYFE. Slight Work went up against Under Rated, with this match-up being even all around on paper. Slight Work won the game 69-62.

The team with the saying "#WriteTheCheck"... competed against The World eSports in their first round, as Island Gang had a substantial lead almost slip away... Island Gang was able to overcome the momentum, Island Gang coming out with the victory, 69-66.

As Island Gang moved on to the 2nd round, it would be a showdown with a rival team...

"Redemption" a team lead by MJ1sTHEGOAT, and Luie The Barber had all the reasons to think their team could come out with a victory in the 2nd round. Their team has the experience and talent individually to win it all. The one thing this team lacked was experience playing together. Redemption was put together just before the start of the tournament.

Redemption winning their first round game had confidence leading into a game as they knew it would be tough.

Redemption vs Island Gang was the match-up... Island Gang running a match-up 2-3 zone with 2 lock down defenders protecting the top of their defense. Redemption with Luie the Barber running the point. Island Gang has a point guard of their own, a guy by the name of "ByanymeansMo". He wound up carrying the offense for Island Gang as he dropped 44 points. Luie and Redemption wasn't able to overcome the relentless defense that Island Gang continues to show. Island Gang held the lead for most of the game and the final score Island Gang 68-60 Redemption...

Redemption getting knocked out and Island Gang moving on to next weekend. Island Gang will go on to face Still Trill. Island Gang has nothing to look past as Still Trill has a MVP point guard themselves.... DIMEZ, whom dropped 50 points against Stage Gods, will be ready for what ever Island Gang brings at him.

Here are the rest of the scores, and the bracket from this weekend.

Now Travis "o N0 R3M0RS3 x" got to sit down with Luie from Redemption with our Sunday Conversation....

o N0 R3M0RS3 x: Hey man I wanted to talk to you briefly on behalf of the MPBA media team after your tournament games yesterday you got a minute

Luie: Yeah whats good bro.

o N0 R3M0RS3 x: This is o N0 R3M0RS3 x & I'm here with Luie of Redemption fresh off his games in the NBA 2K17 All Star Tournament first off, I want to say congrats on qualifying & making it to the Elite 8 round of the tourney.

Now although you guys didn't make it to the final round or win the $250,000 grand prize, what's one positive thing you did take away from the experience of playing in the tourney this year? Luie: Well one major key I seen going into the tourney is you can not win without chemistry or practice. Those are key if you plan on winning. That was our problem no practice and no chemistry o N0 R3M0RS3 x: Ahh wow well those are 2 glaring holes which seem to get exposed by a team with A LOT of practice & chemistry. Which leads me to my next question LT & I did commentary on your 2nd round game vs Island Gang which was a GREAT game by the way where you scored 25 points & also tallied 5 assists When you guys allowed ByAnyMeansMo to exploit your pick and roll defense for 44 points and 17 for 21 shooting from the field. Would you say a lack of chemistry & practice affected your defending of the pick & roll? Also what was the communication on those screens why was there such a soft hedge on a proven scorer like ByAnyMeansMo? Luie: Yea I think our chemistry and lack of practice is why we lost that game. We didn't play the correct way against the pick and roll on defense. It was a lack of not having a lock down defender. At the same we kept telling M.J. 2 switch when I got screened but it seemed like as a team we couldn't get the stops we needed. If we would've kept playing and practicing I think we could've went further but hey, it is what it is. o N0 R3M0RS3 x: Yeah well there's obviously no morale victories in this game of 2K but it seems very apparent to me that the Point Guard position is very vital to a teams success this year. I saw a recent comment you made about SpaceJam JT who's team is still in contention do you disagree that he's one of the top guards left in the tourney along with the likes of Dimez & ByAnyMeansMo? If so who's your Top 3 PG's left & who's your favorite to win it all now? Luie: Well its a toss up honestly I can't really put a finger on who is going to win it this year. As far as what I said about JT is that I think he a good player and a good pg but he is full of himself. He gives himself too much credit and not his team. He has a great team and for him to always say it's all on him and they can only win if he does what he does is not fair to his team. As far as my top 3 pgs, I would put DIMEZ, byanymeansmo, and the 3rd can go 2 a few pgs. Reece 2x, me, fab, I'm sway huh, and godlife leak. o N0 R3M0RS3 x: Ahh okay I see what you mean JT is really like the spokesperson for the team we don't hear much "self glorifying" talk from his teammates who mostly seem to remain behind the scenes but hey man we look forward to seeing you compete in the upcoming MPBA "Super 64" tourney & thanks for stopping thru for the interview! *This is o N0 R3M0RS3 x signing off*

After next weekend we will find out who really wants it the most. Only two teams will come out of next weekend... The guys from the X-BOX Throwdown are still in it and are moving onto next weekend themselves.

As the tourney starts coming to an exciting end, we can't forget about the MPBA's Super 64, as we have many competitive top teams in our tournament.

The Super 64 will begin on February 17th. We will be posting a formatted schedule soon.

Do not forget if you are a team in the Super 64, to make your roster changes before the 17th, as we will be locking all rosters during the tournament.

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