NBA 2K Road To All Star Weekend Semi-Final Discussion

Now that we are down to the console Semi-Finals in the Road to All Star weekend tournament, Teams have been preparing to do whatever they can do to earn their trip down to New Orleans and compete to win $250,000 grand prize. The Semi Final will take action on Saturday, February 11, 2017 starting at 3pm EST on Playstation 4. The Xbox One Semi-Final will start at 3:40pm EST. There have been prediction polls between all 8 teams that will be matched up and one the underdog teams for tomorrow will be (6) “Pro Era” out of the PS4 side. Tomorrow, they will face off against (2) “Top Notch", a powerhouse Pro Am crew that has been battling throughout the qualifying round and Dominating throughout the 2K All Star Tournament to get to this point. Top Notch will be the over powered team due to the fact that they have played over 360 games and we already know the chemistry is there. Hopefully we could see how well ‘MiamiProdigy’ and Pro Era will perform tomorrow when being put to the test against ‘MySkillsUnreal--’ and the rest of the Top Notch crew. Going to the bottom of the PlayStation 4 bracket, we have a anticipated game which will be the defending champs, (16) Drewkerbockers HG vs (12) Throwdown2K. This is one of the few games that the community is looking forward to seeing. I recently did a interview with Throwdown2k’s Center, ‘Mootyy’ and He stated “Even though we are 3-0 against them every game has been incredibly close and I have the utmost respect for all of their games. It isn't going to be an easy game but we believe if we just play our game and stay the course we've been preparing for that the results of Saturday should go in our favor.” With being 3-0 when matching up against the defending Road To The Finals champions, Drewkerbockers HG, there is a lot of pressure and a lot of doubt by the community that Throwdown2K will advance when playing against Drewkerbockers HG. It all comes down until Saturday afternoon and we will see if the anticipated matchup against Drewkerbockers HG will go in Throwdown2K’s favor as ‘Mootyy’ stated.

**Here is the full conversation that I had with Throwdown2K’s Center, ‘Mootyy’: Easymoney_AB: How will you prepare for the PlayStation 4 semi finals this weekend? Mootyy: “I personally have been preparing all week, constantly looking and going through film and giving feedback to the team. I've been trying to stay on top of things for the other three teams involved other than us and be prepared more than them. Also just having the team as well as myself mentally prepared for any and all situations heading in.” Easymoney_AB: What did you see in yourself and your teammates as a competitor that gave you confidence to go far in the tournament? Mootyy: “In myself, I am always fueled by doubt and feed off of when doubted. Ever since coming over to PS4 it seems like the vast majority love to see us lose or fail so it's easy to rally our team and be a vocal leader on and off the court. It all starts out with chemistry. Four of us (Dev, Lets Ball Up, iiNsaniTTy and I) have been playing together since RTTF and get along with each really well. The 5th member, (Kiid_Lit) is like our little brother and molds with our core group so well so it immediately clicked. A key thing about us is that we don't really argue or lose composure no matter the situation. We have formed into a family.” Easymoney_AB: Is there anything you believe you guys need to work on that will make an impact for your next match up against Drewkerbockers HG and moving forward? Mootyy: “I personally believe we can tweak our pick and roll defense a little and limit turnovers but other than that nothing really. No team is perfect and always has flaws, you just have to battle through the tough times to reach success. I believe that we've overcome the adversity already.” Easymoney_AB: Do you feel any pressure going into the semi final and console final 'if necessary' ? Mootyy: “Anyone would be lying if said that they weren't feeling pressure or nervous. After the first couple of mins though it's easy to lock in when you've played in the amount of money and high stake games I've been in. I'd be lying if I said that it's just another game but once I get focused, that's how it feels. I get more excited than nervous to be honest, just blessed to have the opportunity to have gotten this far.”

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