eSports agency.... Opinion on MPBA2k

February 14, 2017


What's up MBPA? Thanks for accepting me to the group. Definitely love the site and league and what you guys are doing.


My name is Sam, owner and founder of TrainedToGo eSports Agency. We represent the finest in sports gaming and help take you guys to the next level of your eSports careers.

With the recent announcement of the 2K eLeague, I just wanted to introduce myself to you guys and offer my advice/help to anybody. If you have any questions on how to market yourself, etc. Feel free to ask. You'll see me quite active in here. I'm definitely keeping a close eye on the community in the coming months for the best talent. I want to stress that "best talent" does NOT just mean you putting up 50 pts in a few games.


Keep it up MPBA. You 2K guys should be damn proud of being the first to have one of the four major sports leagues backing you. Do NOT let them or yourselves down.


Feel free to check out our website at (going to be updated very soon).

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