Super 64 Round 1&2 Recap

Now that the MPBA Super 64 kicked off on Friday, many teams have been battling their way to win a championship and earn $600 along with bragging rights. There were a few major upsets in the first round and one of them was “Undoubted” vs “Flight Brothersz”. Undoubted came in the game and started off pretty well with a 9-2 lead early in the first quarter Undoubted Guard, “Dee King” came out scoring 10 points, shooting 80% from the field. Flight Brothersz decided to run a “5 - Out “ to cut the lead to 5 points at the end of the first quarter. In the Second quarter, Undoubted guard, “Leverages” came out strong scoring 8 points Therefore, “EE SPYKE III”, “EE BRUCE LEROY”, and “TXCHAMP09” came out tough as well putting up 16 combined points as well. However, too many turnovers occurred from both teams. In the second half, Undoubted struggled to grab defensive rebounds, “Flight Brotherz”, “EE BRUCE LEROY” gave Undoubted a hard time to on the defensive end allowing him to grab 6 easy offensive rebounds. Flight Brothersz, came into the second half playing great defense forcing Undoubted to get 12 turnovers. Late in the 4th quarter with 13.1 Seconds left, Undoubted was down 62-61 with Flight Brothersz ball. Undoubted came out of a timeout hoping to stop a backdoor cut by Flight Brothersz. Unfortunately, “A1x BAMA x256” beat “Bwoood” on a backdoor cut and got a easy dunk to extend the lead by 3. With 11 seconds left, Undoubted had one last possession to tie the game and force it to overtime. Flight Brothersz played great defense until it was 1.9 second left when Undoubted guard, “Dee King” had the ball with 2.4 seconds left and beat “Mentor” off the dribble leaving “Dee King” wide open to tie the game unfortunately, he missed the shot which ended the ball game. Flight Brothersz upsets Undoubted, 64-61.

**MPBA Super 64 First Round Notes**

  • STILL TRILL Opt-Out of tournament allowing X Unicorns X to move onto the second round.

  • Kill Em Kru was disqualified from the tournament allowing LG official to move onto the Second Round

  • Grand Rapids Glad was disqualified from the tournament allowing GFG to move onto the second round

  • Legion of Hoops forfeited their match up against |Kiss My Timbs| allowing them to move onto the next round.

Fast Forward into the second round of the MPBA Super 64 tournament, There were a few anticipated games and one of them was New Breed All Stars vs Major Bump. In the first half New Breed All Stars Struggled in the offensive end. Major Bump forced them to get 9 turnovers. “Best SG on 2K17” put up 9 points along with 5 rebounds shooting 57% from the field. Going into the second half, late in the 3rd quarter the game was still very close. New Breed All Stars started to put up a rebounding effort but that didn’t stop “Best SG on 2K17” from continuing to grab rebounds as well. New Breed All Stars forward, “MainHype” added 10 points, 4 rebounds and, 3 blocks. However, he was in foul trouble with 5 fouls. At the end of the 3rd quarter, Major Bump held the lead 48-46. Fast forward into the late 4th quarter 1 minute left, Major Bump continued to hold the lead until “| Doughboy313 |” hit a huge 3 for New Breed All Stars to tie the game 60 all and force it to overtime. In overtime “MainHype” was called for his final foul causing him to be fouled out of the ball game. New Breed All Stars had to step up hoping to get a win with only 4 players. Late game situation in overtime, the game was tied 67-67. “Noflexin954” got the go ahead basket to put New Breed All Stars up by 2 points 69-67. With 21.4 seconds left in overtime, “Dolan0319” was called for a shooting foul allowing “Best SG on 2K17” to get two shots at the foul line to tie the ballgame. “Best SG on 2K17” went 1 for 2 from the foul line forcing “hankamilleyhg” to quickly foul “Dolo201” after the rebound. “Dolo201” went 2 for 2 from the line to keep New Breed All Stars with the lead 71-68. Major Bump’s quickly called a timeout with 10.8 seconds left hoping to get a shot off to tie the game “| Doughboy313|” decided to foul with 5.2 seconds to get the ball back and waste the clock. Major Bump’s guard, “IZZO” went 2 for two at the line to cut New Breed All Stars lead to 1 point. “BallSoCrazyy586” quickly fouled “Dolo201” sending him to the foul line and he went 2 for 2. Major Bump used their final timeout to set up a play hoping to get a 3 pointer to tie the game. “IZZO” came down quickly with 4 seconds left and forced up a three and missed. Major Bump came up short losing by 3 points against New Breed All Stars 73-70. “Noflexin954” led the way with 20 points and 8 assist. New Breed All Stars will Move onto the sweet 16 and will match up against Stain Gang.

MPBA Super 64 Round 2 Notes

  • LOE Clamp City defeats No Sleep Gang 69-62. “The xProfessorx” lead the way putting up 45 points and 7 rebounds shooting 86% from the field. LOE Clamp City will face NTOF in the sweet 16.

  • NTOF defeats Bad Intentions 73-63. “NTOF King LT” was the player of the game putting up 29 points and 12 assist shooting 100% from the field. NTOF will match up against LOE Clamp City in the sweet 16.

  • Effortless talent will play Flight Brothersz in the sweet 16 on February 23, 2017. Follow effortless talent on twitter @ET_ESPORTS2K for time.

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