Sweet 16 Recap...

Now that we are down to 16 teams left in the MPBA Super 64 2K Pro Am Tournament, there were a few anticipated games that went down and upsets as well.

One of them was Nellie Ball vs MBG Gang. Going into the Sweet 16 of the tournament, many people thought it would be a easy game for Nellie Ball because they are one of the best teams competing in the tournament and MBG Gang was very questionable because they were under their team was under the radar. Like everyone says, “rankings is just a name on a list” and things turned around quickly for Nellie Ball. In the first quarter, MBG Gang surprised everyone by the way they were competing and weren’t afraid to back down against Nellie Ball. Although MBG Gang held the lead 16-15 at the end of the first quarter that didn’t stop Nellie Ball guard, “Im Sway Huh” from putting up 13 points easily while shooting 75% from the field. Late in the second quarter, MBG Gang forward, “Killa J 860” been trying to make a name for himself and his team scoring adding points a. Nellie Ball started to step up lead by “Snagur”. He added 6 points along with 3 rebounds to regain the lead for Nellie Ball 31-27. Early in the 3rd quarter Nellie Ball went on a quick 10-0 run but that didn’t let MBG Gang to back down and coming back to and cut Nellie Ball lead 41-40 with 43.2 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. Nellie Ball continued to score but that didn’t stop MBG Gang from scoring as well. Nellie Ball took the lead at the end of the 3rd quarter 46-45. Fast forward into 3:38 left in the 4th quarter, “Killa J 860” hit a huge 3 putting MBG Gang back in the lead 48-47 after being down in the 3rd quarter. “MBG LiGer” got a huge steal and made a great outlet pass to “Killa J 860” for a quick pull up two pointer to extend MBG Gang’s lead 50-47. Late in the 4th quarter with 7.4 second left Nellie Ball was down 55-53 with MBG Gang’s possession, “Wep” quickly decided to foul to send “xREXxNYFin3stx” to the line and shoot two. Both free throws were made by “xREXxNYFin3stx” and MBG Gang extended their lead 57-53. “Im Sway Huh quickly came down and dished it off to “LeBum” for a deep contested 3 and missed with 4.9 seconds left. Unfortunately, the ball bounced off the rim going out of bounds with 1 second left with MBG Gang’s ball. Since there was no time left to foul, MBG Gang upsets Nellie Ball 57-53. “Killa J 860” lead the way to victory scoring 29 points along with 7 assist. MBG Gang will move onto the Elite 8 and will matchup against “TBE”.

*MPBA Super 64 Sweet 16 Notes**

  • New Breed All Stars knocks off Stain Gang 70-64. “MainHype” added 30 points along with 7 rebounds to lead New Breed All Stars into the next round. New Breed All Stars will play NTOF in the Elite 8.

  • God Life Defeats Gain Green 78-58. “GodLife Leak” was the player of the game scoring 25 points and 15 assist shooting 76% from the field. God Life will move onto the Elite 8 and will face Underrated.

  • Effortless Talent Defeats the “hottest” team in the tournament, “Flight Brothersz” 74-72. “Kontrul” Scored 22 points to help Effortless Talent advice onto the next round and play Chilltown.

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