Player Of The Week...

MPBA, hosted its second annual Super 64 this year...

Its safe to say the tournament has been an exciting one with many close games. We have seen teams come from no where and try to make names for themselves in the Super 64

MPBA would like to thank everyone whom has been involved in this tournament. We also thank the teams whom were active in pursuing their matches, playing their games, and bringing their all each and every game within the format.

MPBA Will be showcasing a Player Of The Week, each and every week throughout this season. This will be based on player performance. This means we will feature this player in exposure on our Social media platforms, and our website.

As this week concluded with the Elite 8 of the Super 64, we seen Space Jam run through MBG Gang in the Elite 8.

Space Jam then went on to face the one and only, 'God Life'. This final 4 game included 2 of the top 10 teams in the world, (6) Godlife and (2)Space Jam. It was a battle between two of the top guards in the tournament, "Godlife Leak" vs "Space Jam JT". Many players in the Pro Am community join MPBA2K's twitch stream to witnesses one of the best game in MPBA history. Godlife came out and jumped on Space Jam with a 10-2 lead. Space Jam fought back and ended the first quarter down 10-17. The second quarter the score was close, Space Jam scored 21 points and Godlife scored 23 points. "Godlife Leak" scored 23 points along with 5 assist to put Godlife in the lead 40-31 while shooting 83% from the field at halftime. Space Jam JT led Space Jam with 13 points and 5 assist. In third quarter action, Space Jam came out on a 12-2 run to take their first lead of the game with a corner three pointer from "Space Jam JT". Late in the 3rd quarter Godlife stepped up and started scoring to take the lead Godlife 50-47. Going into the final quarter, Godlife scored 5 straight points to take a 55-47 lead. "Space Jam JT" stepped up and took things into his own hands. Space Jam went on 8-0 run with JT scoring 6 of the 8 points to tie the game 55 all. The rest of the way was back and forth and tied again at 62-62 after "Godlife Leak" hit a three with 55.2 seconds left in the game. Next, Space Jam went on a 6-0 run including 4 free throws and a dunk by "Space Jam JT" to put Space Jam in the lead 68-62. "Godlife Leak" hit a three pointer to cut Space Jam's lead by three points, 68-65 but they couldn't afford to force a turnover or foul as the time went down and that was the game. Space Jam won 68-65 and advanced to the finals to play the winner of Effortless Talent vs Chilltown.

The player of the game was "Space Jam JT". He scored 19 of his teams last 21 points after being down 8 points to put his team in position to win the championship.

With Space Jam JT's performance throughout the week, and especially in the Final 4 Match against God Life... JT Earned his spot as this Weeks MPBA's Player of the week. Space Jam will await the winner in the other Final Four Match-up. New Breed will face off against Effortless Talent. Once again congratulations to Space Jam JT for grabbing the player of the week.

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