Lethal shuts the door on Alwayz Open, 72-63 to capture PS4 Crown!

Lethal struggled to score against Alwayz Open in the First. Dyme was scoring effortlessly down low and even took his man out to the free throw like for some mid-range shots. Versatility got a steal and passed to Awkward for the three, count it! Lethal called a much needed time out to slow down Alwayz Open's momentum.

Hotshot knocked down a 3 at the start of the 3rd to get the ball rolling for Lethal. Alwayz Open started to trade 3's with Lethal which brought the score to a tie, 21-21 with 4 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. Mo was having a tough half with 2 Lockdown defenders and a Paint Protector on the opposing team to get him out of his comfort zone.

Awkward was player of the half shooting 85% with 17pts.

Alwayz Open started the 3rd with an 8 point lead. Dyme continued to show up for his team to stay ahead of Lethal. Alwayz Open continued to turn the ball over as Lethal increased their offensive consistency. Lethal was up by 1 with 2.2 seconds left in the 3rd. Mo inbounds the ball to Gradient in the corner and he hit a buzzer beater 3 to increase the deficit to 4 points.

Awkward drives baseline for a reverse dunk to cut the lead to 2 at the start of the 4th. Each team is going bucket for bucket. The game is tied at the 3 minute mark and Mo hits a deep three to encourage his team to push away for the win. Rare Versatility catches the ball and sinks it in the left corner. Tie game. Lethal's defense was so immaculate that they force Alwayz Open to call time out at 2:04.

They needed to come up with a plan quick if they want that ring. Lethal are up by 2, Penny takes a mid-range jumper but he can't hit. Sick grabs the rebound and calls time-out, 1:40 remaining in the 4th and Lethal still had a 2 point lead. Dyme had an open shot at the elbow which had a contested animation and he misses. Lethal still up by 5. The rebounder starts the break and they find Snub for a transition 3 and he hits! Alwayz Open is down by 8 with 54 seconds left. There is still hope but it would take some great defense to pull it off. Alwayz Open steals the ball off the inbound pass, Mo intentionally fouls to stop the break and give his team a chance to set up on defense. Lethal fouls again and puts Awkward on the line and Alwayz Open in the bonus. Awkward hits both but Sick gets open as soon as the ball is inbounded and flushes it home.

Lethal are up by 6 with 33 seconds left. Lethal gives Alwayz Open an easy dunk as they deny the shooters in both corners. Hotshot gets fouled and knocks both free throws down. The score is 68-63 with 11 seconds left, there is enough time for Always Open to hit a 3 foul, hope for a miss and they can attempt another 3 to tie it up. Alwayz Open inbounds the ball, finds an open man for the corner three but he misses. Lethal took the championship game by the reins and came out with the win!

Alwayz Open

AddictedToWinnin- 11pts, 4ast 4/7 FG made. Grade: D+

JustAwkward- 21pts, 2ast, 2stl 7/12 FG made. Grade: B-

LilPenny773- 2pts,5reb,3ast,2stl,1blk. 1/5 FG made. Grade: B-

rAREvERSATILITY- 17pts, 4reb, 2ast, 2stl. 7/10 FG made. Grade: B

DymeBoyPo- 12pts, 6reb, 5ast, 1blk. 6/10 FG made. Grade: A+

Lethal 2K MPBA

SnubHub- 17pts, 3reb, 2ast, 2stl. 5/7 FG made. Grade: B+

Gradient- 7pts, 1reb, 2ast. 3/5 FG made. Grade: B+

ByAnyMeansMo- 10pts, 15ast, 1stl. 4/7 FG made. Grade: A

Hotshot_305_- 24pts, 5reb, 3ast, 1blk. 7/12 FG made. Grade: A-

Njs_Sick_One- 14pts, 6reb,2ast, 5stl. 7/8 FG made. Grade:A-

Njs_Sick_One was the player of the game, shooting 87% from the field with 14pts,6reb,2ast & 5stl

Even though Alwayz Open lost, they still came in 2nd place which comes with respect from competitors and an aspect of realism when it comes to the top players. Experience is a great gift to receive. Thank you for participating in the tournament and I hope to see you all in the events to come!

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