God Saves The Queen gets the unexpected win against Breakout for the Championship title!

Two minutes into the game ZoomRock gets his first foul, Breakouts shoots two free throws and makes both. Shump gets a dunk for the two point lead. Breakout is up 4 -2. Clutchboy cashes a 3 to put GSTQ up by 1 point, score is 5-4.

djAlabama is using screens to find the open shot and pops a 3. Score is 8 to 6 with 1:21 left in the 3rd. Prodigy finishes strong with the easy flush, Shump continues to attack the rim and ties the game at 10-10 with his dunk.

Dimez walks into his shot while the paint is open and knocks down the 2. Shotz gets the board and dunks over Prodigy to end the 1st with a bang.

GSTQ holds the lead at the start of the 2nd (18-14) but the way boths teams are playing defense, you wouldn't be able to tell which team was winning. Dimez has the chance to bring his team down by 1 but cant capitalize. Prodigy gets a dunk on Shump and Breakout scores two more times in less than 30 seconds. Clutchboy hits a 3 to make the score 28-14. Swizurk gets a 3 to get Breakout their first bucket in the 2nd Quarter. Clutchboy is on fire and shoots another uncontested 3.

The score is 31-17 with 50 seconds left on the half. Dimez misses a mid range jumper and Clutchboy's shot fall's short on the other end as well. ZoomRock gets a dunk and the score is 33-17 with 20 seconds left in the first half. Breakout only managed to score 3 times in the 2nd Quarter.

Prodigy is the Player of the Half with 12pts, 8reb,& 1ast.

Pride scores in the beginning of the 3rd and Shump gets a dunk on the other end, score is 35-19 at the 4 minute mark. Breakout needs to space the floor more in order to get their offense going. djAlabama gets a reverse dunk in traffic and Shotz flips in a reverse layup to cut the lead to 15, the score is 39-24.

Clutchboy and Breakout exchange 3's and the score ends up being 45-27 with 56 seconds left in the 3rd. Clutchboy hits a mid range jumper to give GTSQ a 20 point lead at the end of the 3rd.

djAlabama scores twice in less than a minute at the start of the 4th, Clutchboy hits a 2 in transition. GTSQ is up 54-27. The game is far from over but Breakout can not shake the bad habits that are causing them to lose. Unfortunately Shump grades out of the game at the 3 minute mark and is no longer able to help his team. GTSQ is up 61-34 with 2:30 seconds to go.

Dayfri hits a 3 to put GTSQ up by 30, but Shotz scores in the paint to bring their lead to 28. Breakout was no longer playing serious forcing shots and free-styling until the final buzzer. GTSQ beat Breakout as the final score was 72-44.

God Save The Queen

xZoomRock-2pts,1ast,1bk 1/2FG Grade:B Clutchboy67-21pts,3reb,2stl,8/12 FGM Grade:B+

djAlabamafan13-25pts,6,ast,2stl,10/10 FGM Grade:B

Dayfri-6pts,4ast,1reb,1stl 2/4 FGM Grade:B+

Prodigy~XO-18pts,11reb,2stls,8/11 FGM Grade:C


DatboyDimez-5pts,11ast,2/7 FGM Grade:C

Swizurk-14pts,2reb,5/6 FGM Grade:B

Shump__-11pts,1reb,1ast,5/9 FGM Grade:B-

DatboyShotz-12pts,3reb,1ast,2stl,5/10 FGM Grade-C-

MattyMeat-2pts,5reb,1stl,1blk, 0/3 FGM Grade:B

Now that 2KTournaments and Money Matches partnered up to make the experience even more exciting for players and fans, most people placed bets on Breakout which made a huge upset in the community seeing that Breakout lost. I hope people will be less biased when it comes to bets because anything is possible!

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