Hood makes a statement and captures XB1 JumpOFF crown!

Good Life v Breakout

MPBA Xbox JumpOff Finals

Good Life v Breakout marked the end of a successful “ JumpOff “ tournament for the MPBA. This game was for the Xbox Championship, and unlike PS4, it was double-elimination. To win the tournament, Breakout would have had to win two games, as they had come from the losers bracket, while Good Life only needed to win one. The odds were against Breakout, so it was high-stakes for them from the start.

Good Life had a fast start, stealing and blocking Dimez on defense, while shooting ⅘ on offense in the first two minutes. One of the key matchups in this game, Mo and Dimez at the point guard position, had already begun. Within the first minute, Mo had got a steal and a dunk off of a Dimez turnover, while Dimez had responded with an ankle breaker and a 3-pointer on the very next play. Breakout responded well to Good Life’s hot start, bringing the score from 9-3 to 9-9 through a Dimez And-1 and a Swizurk 3.

Momentum played a big part in this game and how it unfolded. As I've already said, Good Life got off to a hot start, carrying this into the end of the 1st quarter, where they led 23-13. Although Good Life remained comfortably ahead for most of the game, Breakout picked up some momentum heading into the 4th quarter. Good Life scored just 10 points in the entire 3rd quarter, so the score was 51-47 coming into the 4th. However just as the game looked to be turning in favour of Breakout, Good Life quickly pulled away thanks to their solid defense, ByAnyMeansMo getting a steal, as well as forcing another turnover from Dimez.

Good Life played quality defense for the entire game, not just in the 4th quarter. Unlike Throwdown in the PS4 finals, they had a gameplan for stopping the Breakout offense, which most teams have struggled with all year. Rather than focusing on stopping Dimez, which most teams have tried and failed to do, they simply let Dimez do his thing and get his points, but didn't let anyone else make an impact. They played no help defense, choosing to guard the 3 rather than focusing on stopping Breakout from attacking the basket. On a few occasions, they slipped up and played some help, and Breakout did a great job of taking advantage when that happened, but for the most part, they stuck to the gameplan. With none of the Good Life players leaving their men, this left Mo on an island with Dimez for most of Breakouts possessions. Although Dimez did get his points, Mo did a great job of guarding him, getting 3 steals, including one in the 4th that swung the momentum in Good Life’s favour.

Despite this great defense, Good Life were still going to have to score to get the win, which they did far too easily. They ran a 5-Out isolation for the majority of the game, otherwise running a two-man game between Hood and Tone, which worked extremely well. With Hood and Tone both capable of handling the ball and running the offense, Wolf’s effectiveness was reduced massively, as he couldn't guard both players at the same time. Breakout’s interior defense wasn't up to par, and Good Life got to the basket much too easily throughout the game. They had capable scorers at all 5 positions, and they had a well-balanced offense and scoring output as a result. This well-rounded offensive display was a complete contrast to Breakout, where Dimez scored 40 of the team’s 62 points. For Good Life, Hood led with 26 points, while Mo had 23 and Goofy had 15. The combination of offense and defense led the way for Good Life, and they thoroughly deserved to get the win in this game, which they did, 72-62.

For Breakout, a victory would have meant championships on both consoles from the “ JumpOff “ tournament, although one ring is definitely better than none. We’ll also have the pleasure of seeing these two teams going at it again, as they play each other in the next round of the MPBA Classic Tournament. It'll be a 3-game series this time, so definitely worth a watch!

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